51tfav2xik1bkduaxcdxbvmrcll.jpgVolunteerism - Parents

Volunteerism is an important part of the operations of Holy Family Catholic School. Parents at HFCS log hundreds of service hours monthly.  These hours are one reason our tuition is one of the lowest in the nation.  Service opportunities are available in many different areas to fit the schedules and talents of all of our families.

 Requirements prior to volunteering

The Diocese of Pueblo requires that each volunteer submit a Volunteer Application and consent to a background check.  Background checks are performed on every volunteer, including parents.  Additionally, every volunteer is required to complete the online training program, Shield the Vulnerable (STV).  STV is designed to raise awareness and prevent the mistreatment of children and the elderly by training young people and adults about abuse, neglect, predators, bullying, boundaries, respect, and the perils of cyberspace.  Instructions for STV and paperwork can be picked up at the school office.

Also, anyone who volunteers to drive students for a field trip, must provide a copy of his/her driver’s license and proof of current auto insurance and consent to their driving record being obtained along with a criminal background check.           

All Parents volunteering on school grounds during school hours must check in and out at the front desk.  If they are unable to volunteer at the scheduled time, they are asked to call the night before and leave a message so faculty or staff members can adjust plans for the day.