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Holy Family Catholic School, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, models the virtues of love of God, neighbor, and respect for all. The school, supported by the entire community, cultivates a passion about and provides the foundation for academic and life-long learning in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment.

Vision Statement

Holy Family Catholic School will create a strong spiritually centered community expressed through the great commandments of loving God and loving neighbor. It values the collaboration of all members of the community: pastors, parents, alumni, students, administration, faculty, and staff. By modeling respect for all, the school invites all members of the community to actively participate in a faith-filled campus life.

Holy Family will create a dynamic academic environment where the love of learning and the pursuit of creative ideas are regularly practiced. Committed and qualified faculty will emphasize high academic achievement while exploring the quest for wisdom.

Holy Family commits itself to providing a safe, financially stable school where students are nurtured, respected, and encouraged to become service oriented members of the local community. Holy Family creates a positive atmosphere that heartens the human spirit, values the whole person and supports family values.