Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a consultative group. It provides advice to the school principal and, where appropriate, the School Board on any matter.  The Council is not a forum to discuss parent-teacher-student issues. When these matters are brought to any Advisory Council member or any Council general meeting, the concern is referred immediately to the principal.

The Advisory Council assists the Principal, when requested, in maintaining good communications between the home, the school and the Board of Directors, for providing a vehicle through which parents can provide service to the school and for offering a mechanism for parent education. The Advisory Council also serves as a structure for policy action when needed (for example, letter writing, phone calls, and visits to legislators) and for assisting Holy Family Catholic School in fundraising to meet the mission of the school.  The School Board works closely with the Advisory Council to understand the needs and concerns of parents and teachers.  When requested by the School Board, the Advisory Council assists in reporting to parents about activities and decisions of the Board of Directors.  The Advisory Council does not have responsibility for discipline, curriculum development, approval of instruction materials, and employment of staff, school regulations or grievances.

2019-20 Advisory Council

Parent Representatives

Melissa Hoaglund, Primary

Tashina Jasso, Intermediate

Nina Kearl, Middle School


Lara Wilkinson, Primary

Jillian Geis, Intermediate

Penny Jansen, Middle School

Parish Representatives

TBD, Sacred Heart

Coni Gipson, St. Joseph

TBD, IHM/St. Ann's