Please contact our office at 970.242.6168 to schedule an appointment.  Your appointment will be with either the Principal or Assistant Principal where you will get information about our school and get all your questions answered.  You will then be given a tour of our school and be able to go into some classrooms.  We encourage you to bring your child(ren) with you.

 Student Admission

Holy Family Catholic School uses a tiered system to establish the priorities for filling class rosters each year. The class roster will be filled based on the number of students within each tier. The enrollment applications within each tier will be ranked immediately following registration day in the spring. The School Board of Directors’ policy gives the following priorities for admission to Holy Family Catholic School:

1. All returning students (Preschool students are not considered "returning," Pre-kindergarten students are considered "returning"

2. Qualifying (practicing) Catholics with enrolled siblings

3. Qualifying (practicing) Catholics

4. HFCS school employee children

5. Non-Catholics with enrolled siblings

6. Non-Catholics/Non-qualifying Catholics

A deadline date will be established each year for each grade to be used to apply the priorities as set by the tiers above. The class roster will be filled beginning with the highest priority tier. Should the number of applications exceed the acceptable class size limit, a waiting list will be established. Future class openings will be filled based on the chronological application of the remaining students by tier. If the class roster is not filled by the deadline date, remaining class openings will be filled on a first-come basis regardless of tier status.

When a pupil transfers from another school, appropriate information and records will be requested and reviewed. A personal interview with the student and parents will be conducted by the Principal and/or Assistant Principal.