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B.A. in theology, Minors in Education, Math and Science 1970
Loretto Heights College in Denver, CO
M,A.  Computers in Education 2005
Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Teaching Experience
I have been at Holy Family since 1995 and have taught computers and been an IT person for the majority of that time.  I have watched the technology program grow from donated Apple II's and PC's to the current program where each middle school student has a laptop for their exclusive use throughout the day.  When I started, the computer lab was the only place in the entire school where you could find computers.  Teachers didn't have one, the principal didn't have one, the business office didn't have one.  I ran a telephone cable out of the window of the counselor's office, down the side of the building  and into my classroom so I could show the student's just a little glimpse of what the Internet was like.  Things have certainly changed and I have enjoyed being a part of that progress.
Currently, I am semi-retired and administering PowerSchool (our student information system) and working on our web pages.