School Supplies

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Preschool 2nd Grade 6th Grade
Pre-Kindergarten 3rd Grade 7th Grade
Kindergarten 4th Grade 8th Grade
1st Grade 5th Grade  


You may also order pre-built boxes for each grade by setting up an account through Save time, avoid the rush of stores and buy online HERE. These pre-built boxes are filled with the items from each grade's school supply list. Register as a first time user or log in with an existing user/password.

Learn more about ordering online HERE. For questions, concerns or assistance, please contact Jeni HERE.

You can order boxes for Preschool - 8th grade until 5/25/2020. These boxes will be delivered to classrooms for the first day of school 8/12/2020.  Also, check out their sturdy backpacks, lunchboxes and other supplies you can purchase a la carte.