Primary Student of the Month

4a0lableaiu47ksivdmgt6pd3jl.jpgIt is Primary's true honor to select AP for September's SOM. With a smile each day, a willing attitude, and an empathetic spirit for all she encounters, AP is everything a Holy Family student should be. We love having AP's smiling face in our hallways, helping whenever needed, and sharing her joy with those around her. AP isn't afraid of hard work, but rather approaches each task with great perseverance until she feels proud. Great work AP!! We're so proud of all you've accomplished.


Intermediate Student of the Month


It is with great pride that we announce 3rd grader, GH, as Intermediate’s Student of the Month.   If you’ve ever met GH, you would know her to be friendly, respectful, and welcoming.  In school she always does her best and is not afraid of a challenge.  She has adopted our “Not Yet” mindset and her attitude spreads to the rest of the class.  She is a great role model for students here at Holy Family.  She works hard, cares about her friends, is respectful, has fun, and is one of the kindest people you will ever know. She is curious and anxious to learn new things.


Middle School Student of the Month


ET does his job.    It sounds simple, but it speaks to his maturity and focus. When given an assignment, he completes it. When asked to do something out of the ordinary on campus, he tries his best. When greeted by a student or a member of the faculty, he replies in kind – looking the greeter in the eye.  More than a desire for a higher grade, ET quest is to learn. While there seems to be a satisfaction of knowing for this eighth grader, it is, again, the learning that appears to drive, to motivate, him. The next time he complains about something at school will, more than likely, be the first. ET does his job…and he does it with a smile. (You know, that sheepish grin that passes for a smile.) In the way his report cards represent academic success, that smile represents one of ET's greatest characteristics. He’s just downright nice…  and kind.

According to an esteemed member of the HFCS faculty, he’s been that way since he made the great left turn from Intermediate to Middle School.  “When I had him in 6th grade, ET was quiet but productive and well-liked, respected. Good sense of humor. He was kind (emphasis on very kind). He had thoughtful comments and observations when discussing literature…Those are my observations from 2 years ago. He still appears very kind in the hallway.”


Teacher of the Month


Karin Cook is a great teacher. She is an awesome team player. She has a  broad knowledge of her subject matter, curriculum, and standards. She brings enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning; knowledge of discipline and classroom management; and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. Ms Cook believes that all students can and will achieve in her classroom. You can often find Ms Cook working with students before and after school. She is a true servant leader working to create a better and just world.