Standardized Testing

At Holy Family School we use the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to test the progress of our students.  We do testing quite early in the school year so that we can use the results to help us assess student strengths and weaknesses and then our teachers can strategize how to meet those needs during the coming year.  The test is administered to grades 3 – 8 during the 3rd week of the school year.

The ITBS test has been in existence for 70 years and was developed at the University of Iowa.  More research has been done on this set of tests than any other wide range achievement test.  The test is given in all 50 states to over 2 million students each year.  Both private and public schools use this test, and in some states, it is the required assessment.  Among Catholic schools, more choose ITBS than any other achievement instrument..

Below are the results from the 2021-22 school year.  This graph illustrates the English Language Art and Math performance.  

The average HFCS student performs well above his or her grade level relative to the national sample. These positive results are a testimony to the families that send students to HFCS, to the community in which they are raised, and to the school. The results illustrate the fact that the average student performs progressively better with respect to the ITBS national sample the longer they attend HFCS.