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Why Parents Choose Catholic Schools

Numerous studies show that parents place their children in Catholic schools for three reasons:
  1. A total education, which includes growth in religious awareness and an appreciation of morals and values.
  2. The superior academic achievement of Catholic school students.
  3. The secure and disciplined learning environments provided by Catholic schools.
  • According to Catholic School Data compiled from the NCEA, there are a total of 6,183 Catholic elementary and middle schools in the United States representing a total enrollment of 1,737,297 students.
  • Catholic School students have a 99% high school graduation rate and 85% of our graduates go to college.
To Nurture the Soul of a Nation
"Catholic school graduates are more tolerant of diverse views, are more likely to vote, are more likely to be civically engaged, and even earn higher wages than their public school peers."
- University of Notre Dame 2009