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Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is awarded annually based on need. You must apply online through Smart Tuition and provide all necessary documentation.
All four Catholic parishes support the school by awarding subsidies to their qualified parishioners. Families may qualify to receive up to $1,000 subsidy per student for grades K – 8 if an approved Parish Subsidy Application is returned. Families may pick up an application from their registered parish. The Pastor at your registered parish is responsible for determining your eligibility.
The four Catholic Parishes in the Grand Valley are:
Parish Subsidy Guidelines
Families may qualify for parish subsidy if the following is verifiable:
  1. You are registered at (only) one of the local Catholic Parishes.
  2. You are a contributing member of the parish in which you are registered and have such contributions recorded in the parish by use of offertory envelopes, check, or online giving. Contributions must total a minimum of $365 and be recorded in the calendar year before enrollment.
  3. You attend Mass regularly and contribute time and talent to the parish.
For Catholic families moving to the Grand Valley, a letter can be obtained from the previous parish you were active in, stating that you were registered, made recorded contributions, attended Mass regularly, and participated in the parish.
Approved Catholic families qualify for multi-child discounts for the following:
  • 10% for the second child
  • 20% for the third child
  • 30% for the fourth child