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Students of the Month

Each month a student from a grade level (primary, intermediate, and middle school) and a teacher are nominated and recognized for being positive members of our community who model what it means to be a Christian. Each student of the month gets their very own special lunch bag filled with goodies. All courtesy of one of our local restaurants.
A student will be chosen from primary, intermediate, and middle school. Below are the students and teachers of the month for the 2021-22 school year.

AMWe are excited to have A.M. as our primary student of the month in May. A.M. is a shining star every day! He shares his light by starting off our day by telling us, “good morning, how is your cold morning?” A.M.’s positive attitude is infectious and makes our room a happier place. He is a great friend to absolutely everyone. He has a self-driven work ethic and even keeps on his teachers to make sure things are done right. A.M. embodies everything a Holy Family student should strive for. He is positive, empathetic, courageous, and shows so much gratitude for all of the blessings in his life. We are so proud of A.M.!


PPThe fifth grade Student of the Month is a young lady who has made her teacher very proud this year. She is a quiet, kind soul; who strives to do her best and better herself as an important member of our school community. This student practices empathy and embodies the friend that everyone wants to have in their life. P. P. has built self-confidence, faith, and friendships this year. Mrs. McBride is proud to name her our intermediate Student of the Month for May 2022. 


LTIf you want something done well and right you’ll need L.T. That doesn’t mean that she’ll always do it for you, but it does mean that whatever it is will get done. L.T. is the cavalry of the 8th grade. She can do what an army of 8th graders can do faster and with more efficiency. L.T. is a true leader amongst her peers and the epitome of what it means to lead by example. Her positive energy has an immediate impact on any room she enters and her smile is contagious. You can count on her to not only have all of her work done but be helping her classmates get their work done too. She is perceptive, accepting, and understands the difference between gentle kindness and tough love when it comes to helping others; and by the end of their middle school years, her classmates do too thanks to her. She is one of the most genuine people you’ll meet and is too humble to realize just how important she is to those around her. So, we are extremely happy to recognize what she does for her class and our school every day and let her know that we are so proud of the person she has become.


LD“I feel smarter with a sharper pencil.” This one quote best describes L.D. He is a fastidious and dedicated student who often amuses his classmates and teachers with his sharp wit. L.D. works well with any group of students and puts everyone around him at ease with his huge smile. He holds himself to the highest of standards but has the best sense of humor to go with it. He is always willing to put in the time to achieve his goals and help his classmates but is humble enough to admit that they’ll probably be wrong. Okay, spoiler alert - they aren’t actually wrong because they take help from L.D. That is just the lightheartedness that he uses with himself and others on a daily basis. If we are being honest, one can’t actually describe L.D. using this paper. He is a person to be experienced, and we guarantee that it is an experience you won’t forget. There are so many L.D. quotes like the one above we could write a book; he is the best player of Night at the Museum and deserves student of the month most for the way he makes our world here at school a better place by making it a joyful place.




Everyone dreams of having a teacher who is kind, compassionate, positive, and instills a love of Christ.  Mrs. Rastrelli is all of these things and more. She teaches by example and always has a bright smile on her face!  She jumps in to help anyone who needs it, from working in the lunchroom to teaching Science in Middle School.  She inspires the kids to be kind toward each other and guides them in her gentle and loving way. She is an exceptional educator and has impacted many lives including students, teachers, and parents. Thank you for being such a positive influence at our school. You are a blessing!

GTWe are proud to call G.T. our primary student of the month. G.T. has been a wonderful new addition to Holy Family this year. G.T. quiet leadership does not go unnoticed. He is a role model among his peers. G.T. works hard at everything he does whether it is in the classroom or in a game out at recess. He always completes his work with a positive attitude even when it isn’t his favorite thing to do. He is respectful to his teachers and his friends. He is always willing to help a friend in need. Even though he is quiet he has the courage to stand up for what is right and let his peers know when they are not meeting the classroom expectations. We are so blessed to have G.T. in our first-grade family!

DFIntermediate’s Student of the Month is someone who always seems to have a smile on her face. Always is excited to be at school and see her friends.  Always is ready to do her best even when it takes some work. Always is nice and respectful to her classmates and teachers. Always listens when someone talks. Always ready to help if someone is hurting. Always ready to be a great partner when working in a group. Always ready to have fun and to be funny. It’s always an honor to introduce 3rd grader, D.F. as our Student of the Month.  

AFA.F. is a joy to have in the classroom. She is a staple member of the band room, acting as a leader in both Concert Band and Jazz Band. She can often be heard practicing her music before the start of class and is not afraid to tackle more difficult musical passages. Even more important, she knows when to admit that she needs help with a rhythm or melody. She is always trying to improve, from stepping up for improv solos to learning “Those scary sixteenth-note rhythms.” A friend to everyone in the band room, 7th and 8th graders alike, A.F. is a source of fun and silliness that also knows when to be serious and focused. A.F. applies these principles to everything she undertakes as a student. She shows empathy, care, and kindness every day.  Holy Family is a better place because of A.F.


LHL.H. is tremendously creative and cares both about her learning and the quality of her work. She does not settle on just learning the concepts but seeks a deeper understanding of what she is learning. She is extremely hard working and a good citizen in each and every classroom. She is kind to everyone and is able to work well with all of the different personalities of a group. Although quiet, L.H. has a witty sense of humor and a smile that brightens each day. It has been a pleasure to see the growth she has made throughout her years at Holy Family and we are so proud to recognize her with this award. Congratulations L.H.!


TKThe educator of the month is a phenomenal teacher. He is dedicated, patient, and an absolute PRO at his job. He embodies all of the values Holy Family stands for. His humility is admirable. He is such a stand out teacher that you might think he is from another planet. Alien or not, we are lucky to have him. This teacher is an absolute joy to work with and his students adore him. Your mark on the world is immeasurable Mr. Keenan! It’s a pleasure to have Mr. Keenan and his furry friends a part of our school!

OPIn life, the people we all most enjoy being near are those who radiate joy wherever they are. The primary Student of the Month is this person. Each day he is full of enthusiasm for everything we do and always has a super positive attitude. He is a true joy and a wonderful person. He is very kind to others, is always smiling, and passes his happiness on to all of his classmates and teachers. In class, he is on task, putting his best effort forth, and excited to learn. His passion for learning is contagious. Having a student like this in the classroom is a true blessing and that is why…O.P. is our primary student of the month. Way to go O.P.!!!


ARIt is with great pleasure that we recognize A.R. as the Intermediate Student of the Month. She truly embodies what it means to be a Holy Family student. She is kind, considerate, conscientious, and capable. In the classroom, she can always be found on task and give her assignments 100%. On the playground she is found including others, greeting staff and students with her beautiful smile and quiet hello. Although quiet, A.R. does not shy away from sharing in class or asking questions when she doesn’t understand. Her quiet confidence and kind spirit set an example for all of her classmates. Congratulations A.R.!


MAM.A. is a great friend to everyone. No matter who you are, she likes you. She doesn’t judge, and she does anything she can to help you. She is empathetic and kind and knows how to cheer everybody up.  M.A. works hard in school to make sure she’s always doing her best.  She asks questions when she doesn’t understand and in addition to taking care of others, she is a model self-advocate.  M.A. is one of those people you might miss because she is quiet and thoughtful.  Holy Family is blessed to have such a kind and sweet student at our school!


NSWhen N.S. was 6 years old he was the kid in class that needed to stand at his desk and work. It wasn’t because he was overly fidgety, but more out of a need to be in listening distance of the whole room. Among the buzz and chitter-chatter of kids on task, while working diligently, N.S. would spout off answers to the questions he heard around him. This behavior changed through the years as he no longer needs to stand up and work, but what hasn’t changed is the fact that he still answers everyone’s questions. N.P. is the personal search engine of the 8th grade, or as his classmates call him, the Human Google. People can come to him and he is always ready to jump in. Sometimes it’s facts and his well-informed opinions, but it is also a helping hand, a reason to smile, a place to feel included and respected; it’s an honest answer and a meme that’s actually funny. N.S. always tries his best and is one of the most genuine people you’ll meet in every aspect of his life. So N.S., take the pressure off yourself if you ever feel less than your ability because we need you just the way you are! Besides, even Google gets it wrong.


LD“The best teachers show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."

This educator of the month is an exemplary model of this quote. With years comes wisdom, experience, and knowing what works.  Yet, not being afraid to try new things, she loves input and constructive criticism. Her mind is sharp and the thought and care she puts into her lesson plans as well as making sure she is differentiating so that all kids understand as well as being challenged; is truly priceless. 


She is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave, her devotion is endless.  She loves to share whatever project or fun activity she is doing; to say collaborating is her thing is an understatement. Her thoughtfulness shines so brightly. In her off time, you can catch her cheering for the KC Chiefs, taking care of her grandkids, and maybe a Pedi and Mani or two. Her pedagogy and leadership, as well as being the go-to when needing insight, is why Mrs. Davis is (should be) Holy Family's Educator of the Month. The impact and influence she has made on so many children will never be forgotten.

GBG.B. is our Primary Student of the Month. G.B. has impeccable manners and she often says "Yes Ma-am" when asked a question. G.B. moved to Grand Junction with her family from Alabama this past summer and her Southern charm and politeness shine through every day.
G.B. is a great listener and she is a kid who follows directions the first time. She always stays on task and she is a girl who is a great role model to the rest of the class. We never have to ask her twice to do something because she is always doing the right thing.
G.B. is a wonderful friend because she listens and she puts her friends first. If you ask G.B. to play at recess, she will ask you what you want to do. What impresses us most about G.B. is how much she cares about everything she does. She cares about her work, her friends, and how she treats other people. We need more people in the world like G.B. because of her caring and positive attitude each day.
LSThe intermediate student of the month is a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person.  He is loving and has such a caring heart.  He shows great empathy to everyone and maintains a great sense of humor. He works equally well with his classmates as well as the younger students he encounters.  He is incredibly diligent in his studies and strives always to do his very best.  L.S. is truly a blessing to not only the fifth grade but to Holy Family.  He will be a great man who will make a positive impact on this world.
AWA.W.'s work is always characterized by creativity and dedicated effort. Her attention to detail means that her work is thorough and strong, but it is also characterized by an enjoyment of beauty and a sense of fun. She is a skilled artist, creative writer, and a positive and collaborative classmate. She sees the best in others and approaches everyone with empathy. Her creative ideas shine through all she does and don’t finish until she is proud of her work.
BSB.S. is one of the most polite students you will ever meet. He is a fierce gentleman who is caring, respectful, and considerate of others. When interacting with his classmates and teachers, B.S. is always courteous. He understands that his life is about service to others above serving himself. B.S. has courage, he listens and follows God, he sets goals for himself, and he is a fierce warrior for good. Holy Family is blessed to have B.S. at our school!
CFCoach Fitch should be the educator of the month for many reasons.  He is very caring and always makes sure you’re ok.  Whenever he notices someone is down during class, he always goes to talk to them. In sports, he makes sure the whole team is supported.  He says that a team can’t work together if it is unfair with others getting special treatment.  He is very understanding especially when you’re upfront and honest.  His expectations seem as if they are too high but when you finally make it to the goal he has set for you, it feels awesome.  Coach believes that reaching a goal is good but it has to come through hard work and determination otherwise its unrewarding.  A team should work together, not just one person carrying the whole team.  Even during class, he pushes us to work hard and become amazing individuals.  Not only does he work on physical aspects but we also have quotes that someone shares with the class and it is a great way to understand people’s point of view.
A.P.A.P. is a very kind and compassionate young lady.  She lights up the room every morning with her beautiful smile.   A.P. practices respect for her peers and all her teachers.  She is a rule follower and is always willing to help her classmates.  A.P. always challenges herself to be the best she can be.  She is such a hard worker and is up for any challenge.   A.P. works really hard in and out of the classroom.  She also shows kindness and empathy to everyone she comes into contact with.  She has a great sense of humor and always brightens the day. A.P. is the student that will always make sure everyone is included.  She always shows what it means to be a Holy Family Catholic student and we are so fortunate to have her.  Good Job A.P.! 
H.S.The intermediate student of the month is a kind and thoughtful leader. He leads with love and he is a great listener. He is aware of others and shows empathy. This kid has guts! He stands up for what is right regardless of the circumstances. He always turns in his best work and does not back down no matter how challenging the task might be. He is as tough as nails and incredibly courageous. H.S. is a blessing in the lives of his peers and his teachers. I hope he knows how many people are proud of him. Keep looking for the win-win, H.S. You are so loved!
C.P.C.P. is kind-hearted, generous, respectful, responsible, and reliable. She is a diligent student, asking thoughtful questions and contributing well to class discussions. Be it in the hallway, in the classroom, or on the playground, C.P. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are. Though, she is not all work and no play. Behind the goals she sets for herself academically, C.P. is an absolute teenager. She is lighthearted, goofy, and sometimes leaves you asking “what just happened?” C.P.'s dedication, witty and silly sense of humor, along with her fun personality will always put a smile on your face that brightens each day. We are so happy to have C.P. as our student of the month.
M.C.When you think of a caring and compassionate teacher, Ms. Cyphers immediately comes to mind.  Ms. Cyphers loves all of her students.  She knows each of them incredibly well and sets them up each day to succeed.  She knows when they are a bit off and will keep their spirits up.  She can turn their rainy days to sunny days in seconds.  She models courage, empathy, love, and mercy in her classroom every day.  Holy Family Catholic School is very blessed to have Ms. Cyphers as one of our teachers. 
It is our joy to honor I.M. as December’s Primary Student of the Month. I.M. is sunshine wrapped up in a human, always smiling, joyful, positive, and eager to help her teachers and friends. I.M. accepts each challenge with a “can do” attitude, regardless of the task, and knows with enough hard work, she will accomplish anything. She treats others with kindness, love, empathy, and always makes everyone feel welcomed and included. I.M. shines above the rest with her sweet spirit, and we are lucky to have her as part of our Holy Family. Congrats I.M.!! We are so proud of you!
B.C.It is with great pleasure we recognize B.C. as Intermediate Student of the Month! B.C. has been an exceptional student all year long. He is consistent and continues to make growth in all areas. He is a hard-working student as well as a great model of what expectations look like. As an academic student, he is diligent and takes pride in his work. As a member of our classroom community, he is an excellent example of what leadership looks like. He is on-task, willing to work with all students, and most of all he is kind. B.C.  always waits for the last person to leave the classroom, making sure no one is left behind. He is considerate to his classmates and his teachers. His smile can light up the room and he uses it often. We are proud to have B.C. as our nomination for the student of the month!
J.W.When you meet J.W. the first thing you will notice is his truly engaging personality. He seems quiet and unassuming, but trust us - he assumes! J.W. is vibrant, outgoing, and the best laugh you’ll have all day. This is before you look closer and see that he couples his witty sense of humor with a terrific work ethic. He is not afraid of a Kelly Clarkson power ballad, or to work hard and wants to show his teachers he has what it takes to succeed. When faced with a challenge, J.W. generally cracks a joke and then works persistently until he achieves his goal, always giving his best effort. In the hallway, in the classroom, or outside, J.W. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are.  He will go out of his way to help someone in need. We are blessed to have J.W. as a student at Holy Family Catholic School.

On the first day of school, we just knew P.S. as G.S.'s little brother. We soon realized what an amazing young man P.S. is. He is a hardworking, dedicated student who always enters the classroom with a positive attitude. P.S. participates meaningfully in class and eagerly raises his hand to answer tough questions. He is the first to volunteer to read aloud and asks insightful questions. P.S. gets along with everyone and is always willing to lend a hand to all who need it. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” - Van Gough.


P.S., you are great in every way. Every small thing you do never goes unnoticed. Thank you for being a leader throughout kindergarten. We are very proud that P.S. is November’s HFCS primary student.



The student of the month in 5th grade is someone who has shown a great amount of care so far this year. This student is kind toward others and especially thoughtful in the academic work he completes. This young man has stepped in at Holy Family, built quality friendships, and becomes more confident each day. We are very blessed to have H.L. with us in Mrs. McBride's class.




If you’re not careful you might miss him in class or at recess.   He’s not the kind of student who draws attention to himself.  Although he is quiet, he is very thoughtful and is always finding ways to help or do the right thing. He is kind to everyone he meets and has a great sense of humor.  He works hard in class and cares about the quality of his work, without the expectation for outside recognition.  He goes above and beyond all expectations and often infuses projects with creativity.  We are blessed to have G.W. as a student at Holy Family Catholic School Family.



There are many qualities that a teacher must possess to be an effective educator.  Mrs. Waln is kind, loving, and cares about each of her students.  She knows what their gifts are and will work tirelessly to ensure their success and joy in learning.  She greets her students with a warm smile and a kind word.   HFCS is very blessed to have Mrs. Waln be a part of our family and community!


Our primary student of the month is H.D. H.D. embodies what it means to be an HFCS student. He comes to school every day with a smile on his face ready to learn. He is a great friend to everyone in our classroom. He never fails to make his friends and teachers laugh with a silly face or a joke. H.D. always has a growth mindset and is always finding new ways to challenge himself.  H.D. is always thinking outside the box and finding new ways to solve problems. He is willing to make mistakes and always tries his best. We are blessed to have this amazing young man in our school! 


O.K.Intermediate’s Student of the Month is 3rd grader, O.K.  O.K. is truly one of the nicest students at Holy Family. Not only is he friendly to everyone he meets, but he is also respectful to adults and his fellow students. He cares about others’ feelings and is always ready to help someone feel better.  He has a great sense of humor and comes to school with a smile on his face. O.K. works hard at school, always making sure his assignments are turned in on time and are correct.  He also plays hard. He loves playing sports at recess and somehow knows how to stay out of the frequent arguments.  He is a competitor but also a peacemaker. He is also involved in outside sports as well and loves the Rockies. He is a credit to his parents and past teachers. O.K. made it an easy choice for this month’s Student of the Month.


S.E.Our school often talks about making each day an adventure and an opportunity; every day is a new beginning and we have to make the most of it. This year, while the rest of us began a new school year S.E. came to us to begin a new school. This can be at once exciting and daunting, but since day one S.E. has made her new beginnings the opportunity for adventure. She jumped headfirst into the unknown world of HFCS and has made every day, so far, her own. If we had to pick the quality in S.E. that makes this possible it would be: vision. Every day she shows up with a vision of who she wants to be and what she wants to accomplish. Holy Family Middle School can be an arduous challenge to many, but S.E. has met it head-on in and out of the classroom. This is easily seen in the effort she puts into her academics and how she helps those around her rise to the Holy Family challenge. It is also no secret that S.E. is a seasoned basketball player. She can see opportunities both on the court in a game and outside at recess that allows her peers to have a chance for athletic success.  S.E. could easily take all the glory all for herself, however, she is not caught up in personal glory but rather in community. No matter where you are in Middle School it takes courage, generosity, positivity, empathy, and mercy to put others first the way that S.E. does and have the vision that S.E. does. As we look around our courtyard at the traits we want to instill in the students at our school, it is clear that S.E. embodies what it means to be a member of this community and a Falcon. Congratulations S.E. and thank you for being a blessing to us your 8th-grade year!



A great teacher can positively impact a student’s experience in the classroom and can create a lifelong love of learning.  They are empathetic and compassionate towards their students.  Our teacher this month has all these qualities and more.  She helps students find their gifts and leads by example.  She is a team player and jumps in to sing at our Masses with her angelic voice. Holy Family is very blessed to have Mrs. McBride as part of our community and our teacher of the month. 

E.B.I would like to nominate E.B. as Student of the Month. E.B. is a very positive person and she is always willing to do anything that is put in front of her. E.B. has the courage to stand up and do the right thing even when no one is looking. E.B. has empathy for others and is truly grateful to be a student here at Holy Family Catholic School.  It is wonderful to have E.B. here with us, she is a true leader in our classroom.




It is with great pleasure that we recognize C.H. as the Intermediate Student of the Month. C.H. sets a wonderful example for all of her classmates. She is kind, caring, and always willing to help an adult or classmate out. C.H. will go above and beyond to get her assignments done and done well. She is willing to put in the hard work that is necessary to succeed. She does her work with a smile and a wonderful attitude. C.H. is a gift to her teachers and her classmates. Congratulations C.H.!



They say that two minds are better than one, and the best things come in pairs. I guess they must be right because, just like the best things, our students of the month come in a pair. A.C. and R.C. are the Middle School’s choices for September! As twins, they are used to doing things together. From walking into school with a smile, the respect they show others, the effort they put into their academics and their goals, the positivity they use towards others, and the genuine care they have for every person, these girls are a true representation of the phrase “greater in numbers”.  What the world would be if it did what these girls do together! However, what makes two stronger than one is the individuality of the pieces. A.C. and R.C. may be a pair but each brings something unique to this life and our school. Like their art, they live life in their own style. A.C. graphic and modern art is a balance to R.C. which is delicate and classic.



Mrs. Zentner is the sweetest and most caring teacher a student could want.  She greets you with a smile and has a genuine love for all of her students.  She models how to treat others in her classroom and to her teammates at Holy Family Catholic School.  She is selfless and works tirelessly so that her students have everything they need in a safe and nurturing environment.  She inspires a love of learning and others in her classroom.  She instills the values of empathy, compassion and love.  We are blessed to have Mrs. Zentner as our educator for the month of September