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Students of the Month

Each month a student is chosen from each grade level (primary, intermediate, and middle school) and a teacher is nominated. These individuals are recognized for being positive members of our community who model what it means to be a Christian.
Below are the students and teachers of the month for the 2023-24 school year.

O.F. is awesome!  He always enters the room with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.  His ability to absorb knowledge has helped him grow and succeed in all areas of his education.  He is a role model for all students.  Even though he is quiet and shy he is always willing and eager to participate in class.  O.F. is a leader who always makes the right choices.  In a world that can be chaotic, we need to be a little more like O.F.!   He is always kind and respectful to all adults and his peers.  Holy Family is pleased to have O.F. as our April student of the month. 





When people think of L.B., they cannot help but smile. L.B. perfectly represents joy and thoughtfulness toward everyone she encounters and is loving to people needing friendship. L.B. shows up daily to improve herself, help others, and care about doing her best in every way. She learns through obstacles and does not give up. Her sweetness is unmatched, and her heart is big and pure. L.B. loves wholeheartedly and goes out of her way to share her love with everyone. Holy Family is blessed to have L.B. here and a part of our family. She will be amazing in the future and make a difference in our world. 




W.W. is a team player in every sense of the word.  He demonstrates leadership qualities and a strong work ethic. W.W. doesn’t give up when the work gets challenging. His perseverance and humble attitude do not go unnoticed. He has a great sense of humor and is kind to those around him. The Middle School faculty is pleased to recognize W.W. as student of the month.  Congratulations, W.W.!







Mrs. Hall took on a new job as the Middle School Religion teacher. From church history, to theology, to ethics, Mrs. Hall demonstrates such leadership, knowledge, and love of her Catholic faith. She is committed to making sure that her students are learning and reaching their full potential. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, but she is also a compassionate friend, wife, and mother of 4 amazing girls who have all attended Holy Family. We are truly blessed to have such a caring and kindhearted teacher at our school. Thank you, Mrs. Hall!

ebYou are a responsible and dependable second grader who sets a great example for his classmates. You always have a smile for everyone. You model respect for all. You love learning and you are not afraid to try new things. You have a passion for pride in your classwork. You are confident, honorable, and yet humble. You are always willing to help anyone in need. At Holy Family Catholic School, we embrace four characters of strength: empathy, gratitude, courage and looking at the world in a positive way. G.Q., you go above and beyond to be a good student and citizen! That is why you are Holy Family Catholic School’s Student of the Month! We are so proud of you!

If you were looking for an example of hard work, perseverance and always doing your best quality work no matter what the assignment, you would be hard pressed to find a better example than Miss K.S. K.S. is organized, diligent and never satisfied with good enough. She is also kind, compassionate and thoughtful. She may be quiet, but with a smile that could brighten any room you don’t need to be loud. Her upbeat attitude and never give up mentality are something we should all strive to have. Congratulations K.S. on being chosen Intermediate Student of the Month.




ebR.P. is a polite, hardworking, and driven student. He has an appetite to learn! He not only wants to understand a concept he wants to dig deeper and learn as much as possible. R.P. thoughtfully contributes to class discussions. He brings positivity, enthusiasm, and curiosity to the classroom every day. For all these reasons, the middle school faculty congratulates R.P. as our March student of the month.


E.H. is our Primary Student of the Month. E.H. is a role model in our classroom, and she models how to be a leader at Holy Family. E.H. is usually the first to follow directions and she always stays on task, and she cares about producing quality work. E.H. shows so much compassion and empathy to her classmates and we see her helping her friends and using nice words every day. E.H. shares God's love everyday by being kind and loving towards her teachers and her classmates. We are so blessed to have E.H. in our community.




ebOur intermediate student of the month is N.W.! N.W. is an extremely positive, dedicated, and hard-working third grade student here at Holy Family Catholic School. In the Bible, Jesus instructs us to treat others the way we would like to be treated. N.W. sets a beautiful example of this! She is very friendly, helpful, and compassionate towards her classmates. N.W. shows much respect to herself, her classmates, and staff members here at Holy Family.  She shines brightly as a child of God! Holy Family is blessed to have N.W. as a student! 




ebT.M. represents what a Holy Family student should be.  He comes to class prepared and ready to learn.  He shares, helps others and has a positive attitude in all areas of his learning. T.M. always strives to gain a true understanding of what he is learning.  He is a friend to all of his peers and always willing to work with others. He is a joy to have in class. We wish you luck in your future endeavors!  Congratulations, T.M.!







ebH.M. is capable and studious.  She brings a positive cheerful attitude to class every day and demonstrates leadership characteristics.  H.M. is a team player.  She shines when given the opportunity to help others.  She has a ready smile and a great sense of humor. She is a role model to our school.  Holy Family is blessed to have such an amazing student as part of our family!



The first grade is excited to nominate E.B. as our student of the month. Quiet but mighty E.B. sets the bar high for her peers. Her teachers can always count on her to be a role model. Don’t know what you should be doing? Look at E.B. Her kind and empathic heart make our classroom a better place. She is a friend to all. You can always find her inviting others to play and checking in on her friends at recess. Even though she is soft-spoken she has the courage to stand up for what is right.  She works hard and puts forth her best effort in her work.  We are so blessed to have E.B. at Holy Family Catholic School.




I recommend C.D. as Student of the Month. C.D. is awesome! She always comes in with a smile and an eagerness to learn. She actively participates in class and strives for excellence in her schoolwork. C.D. shows great perseverance to do the best she can on any assignment and to seek true understanding of the concepts. She willingly helps her classmates to aid in their understanding. She has worked hard at becoming a positive role model in the class. I am very pleased to have C.D. in class and look forward to seeing what she does in the future.





Q.A. is an outstanding student.  He comes to class ready to learn, listen, and participate. He approaches his work with a positive attitude and a smile. He shows kindness to others and is always ready to help anyone in need.  Q.A. shines as a fine role model and represents Holy Family Catholic School at its best!  Congratulations, Q.A.!







E.P. embodies positivity and kindness.  She is bright and creative, inspiring her peers to raise the bar.  While she demonstrates a personal expectation of high achievement and leadership, she also has a great sense of humor, and she’s a delight to have in class.  Congratulations, E.P.!



SLIf you know G.A., consider yourself blessed. But, if you are lucky enough to be his teacher or classmate, you have practically won the lottery. He is the student who tries, tries, and then tries some more, the kid whose hand shoots up almost instantly to answer a question, the first one to ask how he can help, and the boy who smiles bigger than ever when he experiences that special “aha” moment. He goes through life with grace, tackling anything that comes his way with courage, effort, empathy, and a one in a million positive attitude. His love of learning is contagious, and his love for his people and God is admirable. In our 2nd grade classroom, he serves as a humble leader who the rest of us look up to. This is not an easy feat for an 8 year old boy, but he does so with gratitude and genuine compassion for those around him. His “best day ever” mentality makes him a huge asset to our HFCS community and family. We could not be prouder of him and look forward to watching him continue to grow, change the world, and shoot beyond the stars.





It is with great pleasure we recognize L.L. as Intermediate Student of the Month! L.L. has been an exceptional student all year long. She is consistent and exhibits empathy, positivity, gratitude, and courage. All the characteristics that embody Holy Family. L.L. is an excellent example of what leadership looks like. She is on-task, willing to work with all students, and most of all she is kind. Her willingness to help others and kindness is inspiring. Her smile and great personality brighten our classroom daily! Congratulations, L.L.!







P.F. exhibits tremendous leadership potential. While showing respect and self-confidence, he is well-liked by his peers. P.F. demonstrates a strong work ethic and always brings a positive attitude, thus developing the characteristics of a young gentleman. He is courteous, polite, kind, compassionate, and well-mannered. He is honest with himself and uses mistakes as opportunities for learning.  For these reasons, the middle school faculty is proud to select P.F. as December Student of the Month!  Congratulations, P.F.!








T.H. consistently produces high-quality work and participates actively in class discussions. She also exhibits tremendous leadership potential. Displaying respect, creativity and being well-liked by her peers, she embraces challenges head-on and sees projects through to completion. Don’t let her size fool you, she is a mighty warrior and excels in all sports!


S.L. is pure joy! She is a hard working, dedicated student who always enters the classroom with a positive attitude. She is our daily dose of sunshine! S.L. participates meaningfully in class and eagerly raises her hand to answer questions. S.L. gets along with everyone and is always willing to lend a hand to all who need it.  S.L., you are great in every way. Every small thing you do is appreciated and noticed. Thank you for being a leader throughout kindergarten. We are very proud that S.L. is November’s primary student of the month.




The intermediate student of the month is kind, respectful, and empathetic. He is always willing to help his classmates and teacher. He is a quiet leader, who leads by example. He is curious and asks great questions. His presence is peaceful, and he is a gift to our school. We are lucky to have you, R.H.!





JHIt is with great pleasure that we present M.K. as the middle school student of the month. M.K. is kind-hearted, generous, respectful, responsible and reliable. He is a good friend, a diligent student. He is also a talented athlete. No matter where he is, the hallway, the classroom, or on the playground, M.K. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are. Although quiet, (until he gets to know you), M.K. has a witty sense of humor and a smile that brightens everyone’s day. We are blessed to have M.K. as a member of our Holy Family Catholic School family.  He has a bright future ahead and will be missed when he graduates.  Congratulations, M.K.!




G.S. is tremendously creative and cares both about her learning and the quality of her work. She does not settle for just learning the concepts but seeks a deeper understanding in what she is learning.   She is extremely hard working and a good citizen in each and every classroom. She is kind to everyone and is able to work well with all of the different personalities of a group. G.S. has a great sense of humor and a smile that brightens each day. It has been a pleasure to see the growth she has made throughout her years at Holy Family, and we are so proud to recognize her with this award. Congratulations, G.S.!

AJA.J. is a very kind and compassionate young man.  He is respectful to students as well as all adults.  Sometimes he is a little too quiet!  A.J. follows all rules and has the courage to help his classmates.  A.J. is a teacher’s dream!  He always strives to do his best in and out of the classroom.  A.J. is always the first person to step up whether it be holding the door or changing desks.  He is self-motivated and willing to learn.  A.J. always shows empathy and kindness to all students and staff.   A.J. is a student that Holy Family Catholic School is lucky to have.  Good Job A.J.





J.H. has a sweet smile and a contagious laugh. He comes to school every day ready to learn and work hard. No matter what the task is, and whether it comes easily or not, J.H. wants to learn, understand, and do his best. J.H. always lets others know that he cares about them, including his teacher. He is silly, sweet, thoughtful, and hardworking…and is the best dirt biker EVER!






P.H. is considerate, respectful, and dependable. She is a good friend to others and a conscientious student in the classroom. P.H. works very hard to find a deeper understanding of what she is learning. When faced with a challenge, she is persistent and always gives her best effort. In the hallway, in the classroom, or outside, P.H. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are, she makes everyone around her better. P.H. has a sweet sense of humor and a smile that brightens each day. Her creativity and work ethic shine through everything she does. P.H. strives to be the best version of herself. We are blessed to have P.H. as a student at Holy Family Catholic School Family.  Congratulations, P.H.!




I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for Mr. Morton. Within the little time that my daughter has been in his class, it has reinvigorated her passion for learning. It has been evident from day one that his enthusiasm and teaching approach have made learning that much more fun and engaging for all of his class. The real-life lessons that he is continuing to teach her and the rest of her classmates are making all the students flourish under his guidance. It is making her a much more confident and motivated person. His ability to engage students in learning is unparalleled and I am sure he will continue to inspire many generations of young minds. I can not express my thanks to him in words for being such a wonderful teacher. I am looking forward to the rest of this the coming year and watching her continue to grow.


You are a responsible and dependable second grader who sets a great example for your classmates.  You always have a smile and a contagious giggle. You model respect for all.  You love learning and you are not afraid to try new things.  You have a passion for pride in your classwork. You are confident, honorable and yet humble.  You are always willing to help anyone in need.  At Holy Family Catholic School, we embrace four characteristics of strength, empathy, gratitude, courage as well as looking at the world in a positive way.  A.S., you go above and beyond to be a good student and citizen!  We are so proud of you!




It is with much enthusiasm that we recognize J.M. as the Intermediate Student of the Month! J.M. is kind, thoughtful and hardworking. J.M. gives his all to any task he is given. He is humble yet competitive at the same time. J.M. is always willing to help another student or his teacher. His smile and attitude are contagious. It is with great pride we recognize J.M. as Student of the Month.






J.Y. exhibits numerous qualities that make him our choice for Student of the Month. These include courtesy, curiosity, honesty, kindness, politeness, and hard work.  He shows these qualities through his relationships with his classmates, teachers and everyone he encounters with a smile and a friendly hello.  When a teacher wants students to clean desks or put-up chairs, J.Y. takes the lead with no questions asked.  His calm leadership style is respected by his peers and teachers.  He tries his best in all aspects of his life with gusto. This is seen in the effort he brings every day to be and do his very best. He is a great role model for his peers and for the younger students to look up to.  The middle school faculty is proud to name J.Y. as the middle school Student of the Month.  Congratulations, J.Y.!