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Students of the Month

Each month a student is chosen from each grade level (primary, intermediate, and middle school) and a teacher is nominated. These individuals are recognized for being positive members of our community who model what it means to be a Christian.
Below are the students and teachers of the month for the 2022-23 school year.

V.M. is such a special young lady in second grade.  She works hard in class, always taking notes on what is being taught in the classroom.  She goes above and beyond in her daily learning and she is focused on her lessons. V.M. is a good friend to other students and helps out in all situations. Other children look to her for guidance in the classroom and at recess. She has many friends and is always willing to help them. Third grade will be an easy transition for her next year and she will do well.  Holy Family is blessed to have such a kind and loving little girl.  Congratulations V.M.!

CFThe intermediate student of the month has a curious spirit. He is witty, kind, and wise beyond his years. He is a friend to all. He stands up for what is right. The analytical questions he asks in class help improve his fellow students and his teachers. If you have a history question, he can most likely answer it for you. If you need a friend to talk to, he will listen. He is a problem solver. He is not afraid of a challenge. C.F. is a light in the lives of his peers, family, and teachers. We are lucky to have him!

CCMuch like her softball, C.C.’s work is always characterized by dedicated effort. Her attention to detail means that her work is thorough and strong, but it is also characterized by an enjoyment of beauty and a sense of fun. She is a creative writer and a positive, collaborative classmate. She sees the best in others and approaches everyone with empathy. Her creative ideas shine through all she does and doesn’t finish until she is proud of her work.

PWP.W. is considerate, respectful, and dependable. She is a good friend to others and a conscientious student in the classroom. P.W. works very hard to find a deeper understanding of what she is learning. When faced with a challenge, she is persistent and always gives her best effort. In the hallway, in the classroom, or outside, P.W. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are. P.W. has a sweet sense of humor and a smile that brightens each day. Her creativity and work ethic shine through everything she does. Be it as a dancer, a student, or just a teenager, P.W. strives to be the best version of herself. We are blessed to have P.W. as a student at our Holy Family Catholic School family.


Polite, kind, hardworking, and a kind friend to all are just a few ways we can describe P.S. P.S. is a light in the lives of his teachers and classmates. He is a quiet leader in our classroom and on the playground. He is very humble, curious, and respectful. P.S. shows incredible creativity throughout the day in his problem-solving skills, math, and his artwork. He sets a Christian example of how to treat others and his teachers. We are proud to have P.S. in our class and even more proud to have him as our February Primary Student of the Month.

LKIt is our honor to present L.K. as the intermediate student of the month.  L.K., although quietly introspective, is very altruistic.  He continually seeks ways to help his classmates making sure understand newer concepts while making sure he himself is correct.  He learns from his mistakes without letting them discourage him from his continual learning.  I appreciate the knowledge he brings to class whether from his vast historical studies to his catechism classes teaching us new information in his very L.K. way.  He brings a quiet sense of humor that adds a wonderful dimension to our class.  His continual self-directed quest for knowledge and the desire to see others around him succeed is truly inspiring.  I am excited to see where L.K. finds himself in the future.

BBIf you have a Star Wars meme on your wall - it was because of B.B. If you were wondering where that student got a snack? It was because of B.B. If you were wondering who submitted the fluorescent green paper, it was B.B. Each person has qualities that one can rely on because they are performed with consistency. For B.B. those qualities include a sense of humor, having snacks, dedication, respect, determination, and growth. The Middle School teachers chose B.B. as their student of the month because he consistently puts in the effort to move forward in intellect and character. As with any middle schooler, B.B. has made a few mistakes but it is how he handled and learned from them that has built his character and helped him grow.  Therefore, we are proud to select B.B. as the February middle school student of the month.

Here are the many reasons that Coach Kevin is the educator of the month!
  • He helped me with my shot and he helped me be a better teammate.
  • He helped me be a better basketball player.
  • He helps me to always give 100 percent effort and be energetic on the court. He also helps me to be a good teammate.
  • He helped me with my shooting and defense.
  • He has shown me how to be a better player on and off the court.
  • I think he has helped me the most with defense and remembering to use the back door, v cuts, and more.
  • He always made sure that I was okay and how to communicate on the court.
  • He has helped me with shooting and getting better at the plays.
  • He has helped me become a better person on and off the court and has pushed me to be the best I can be.
  • He has been a coach since some of us were little and he has been a very emotional support for all of us even we lost a game he told us to keep our heads up!
Thank you, Coach!
Coach Steve Cyphers has helped our team grow from day one.  He has a big heart and an amazing sense of humor.  Coach has not only helped us improve as a team but also as people.  His amazing cookie recipe isn’t the only thing he brings to practice but also, his great coaching skill and patience.  He has taught us many things along the way and made us a “semi-decent” team.  We are so grateful to have had Coach Steve this season!  Thank you, Coach!
The 7th-grade girls’ basketball team

The primary student of the month is first grader- T.K. T.K. is a very kind and compassionate young man. He practices respect with his peers and all his teachers. T.K. is a rule follower and is always willing to help his classmates.  He always challenges himself to be the best he can be. T.K. always enters the room with a smile and a willingness to learn new and exciting things.  He is such a hard worker and is up for any challenge. T.K. works really hard in and out of the classroom.  He also shows kindness and empathy to everyone he comes into contact with.  T.K. has a great sense of humor and always brightens the day.  He always strives to be the best he can be whether it is in the classroom or out on the playground. He always shows what it means to be a Holy Family Catholic School student and we are so fortunate to have him. Good Job T.K.!


It is with great pleasure we recognize S.K. as Intermediate Student of the Month! S.K. has been an exceptional student all year long. She is consistent and exhibits excellent behavior all around. She is a hard-working student as well as a great model of what expectations look like. As an academic student, she is diligent and takes pride in her work. As a member of our classroom community, she is an excellent example of what leadership looks like. She is on-task, willing to work with all students, and most of all she is kind. Her willingness to help others and her kindness are impressive. She is a light in our classroom.

E.B.B.R. has grown and evolved so much over his time at Holy Family.  He is quiet, but a strong leader by example.  He’s an outside-the-box thinker and is very creative.  B.R. has a natural disposition of empathy which allows him to think of others before himself, speak kindly, and include everyone. He truly treats others as he wants to be treated. He has a fun-loving personality, a great sense of humor, and an artistic sensibility.  B.R. is tenacious and once he sets his mind on something, there is no going back! Not only does he excel in his academics but in his hobbies as well. Whatever it is, B.R. gives it his all and we are so proud to honor his hard work. Congratulations B.R.!

CNFr. Chrys brings peace and joy to our hearts. He sees the world through a lens of kindness which he shares in his interactions with students, parents, and teachers. Fr. Chrys always has a smile on his face, a hug to give, and a contagious laugh that makes everyone around him happy. When you are feeling down or stressed, Fr. Chrys makes you feel better with his encouraging words and empathetic heart. He is a good listener and an even better storyteller. He always has a positive attitude and embodies the four themes Mr. Aubert reminds us of: empathy, courage, positive attitude, and gratitude. We are blessed to have you as our educator of the month Fr. Chrys.


This primary student is consistently willing to help anyone in need.   She is without fail eager to learn and has excellent participation in our classroom discussions.  M.M. is very responsible and consistently puts forth her best effort to succeed academically.  We are very proud to have M.M. as a student, friend, and a wonderful example for Holy Family Catholic School.  This is why the student of the month is M.M. She is a student who always has a smile on her face and is well-liked by all who meet her. Way to go M.M.!



Our intermediate student of the month is C.Y.! C.Y. is an extremely positive, dedicated, and hard-working third-grade student here at Holy Family Catholic School. In the Bible, in the book of Matthew, Jesus instructs us to treat others the way we would like to be treated. C.Y. sets a beautiful example of this! She is very friendly, helpful, and compassionate toward her classmates, and her kindness toward others is shown in every one of her smiles throughout the day. She is a true friend to all! C.Y. puts maximum effort into everything she does. She has the courage to take on a challenge and to speak up to share her thoughts during class. C.Y. shows much respect to herself, her classmates, and staff members here at Holy Family.  She shines brightly as a child of God! Holy Family is blessed to have C.Y. as a student! Congratulations, Miss C.Y., on being the intermediate student of the month!



L.M. is tremendously creative and cares both about her learning and the quality of her work. She does not settle on just learning the concepts, but seeks a deeper understanding of what she is learning. She is extremely hard-working and a good citizen in each and every classroom. She is kind to everyone and is able to work well with all of the different personalities of a group. Although quiet, L.M. has a witty sense of humor! It has been a pleasure to see the growth she has made throughout her years at Holy Family and we are so proud to recognize her with this award. Congratulations L.M.!

It is with great pleasure that we present C.D. as the middle school student of the month. C.C. is kind-hearted, generous, respectful, responsible, and reliable. She is a good friend and a diligent student. She is also a talented athlete. No matter where she is, in the hallway, the classroom, or on the playground, C.D. makes everyone feel included, respected, and valued for who they are. Although quiet, C.D. has a witty sense of humor and a smile that brightens everyone’s day. We are blessed to have C.D. as a member of our Holy Family Catholic School.



Ms. Hoff stepped into 2nd grade this past year and immediately her students fell in love with her.  She makes each student feel heard, loved, and wanted.  She’ll challenge them to be their best and reach for the stars.  She is committed to making sure that all kids are learning and reaching their full potential.  She is a team player and jumps in to help her coworkers or the school whenever it is needed. She is loved by all her students. Holy Family is blessed to have such a kind and compassionate teacher at our school.


Our Primary Student of the Month is J.P. J.P. is a kindergarten student in Mrs. Younker's class and she has been a leader from the first day of school.  She is a great listener and learner in class and she always follows directions the first time. She does a super job staying on task and she always completes her work. Her smile every day encourages her friends to be kind and positive. The saying "Spread kindness like confetti " fits J.P. because she always chooses nice words and she is kind to everyone. J.P. loves school and she will often say "I love school. Can I stay longer?" We love having J.P. in our Holy Family community. Keep up the great work being such a light in our school!


Joy, pure joy, is what this student brings to our classroom each day. This young man helps create an environment full of fun, laughter, kindness, empathy, and hard work. With any struggle, he keeps his head held high and never gives up. Within his friendships, he encourages and spreads love. Every day, C.M. makes our Holy Family community a better place. We are blessed to have him!



There are many words in the English language that can describe a person, but two of the most important are: character and integrity. Those words summarize how you treat yourself and how you treat others. They state that who you choose to be is the same whether someone is watching or not, and those two words summarize C.B. C.B. is the student who will hold the door for you, pick up something you forgot, the one that says “good morning” and “thank you”. C.B. is the student who will ask for help, give help, accept anyone in her group, and works until it’s done right. She is very quiet, so watch out because you might miss it. Her best work is done when no one is watching. For the last three years C.B. has made it her mission to take charge of running the recycling for the whole school, or be the reason 140 middle school students walk in at 8:15 and find a message that tells them, “You are awesome!” Well, C.B., we think you are awesome and couldn’t be more proud to celebrate everything you do!

E.B.First grade is honored to have O.V. as our primary student of the month. O.V.'s big blue eyes and warm smile bring sunshine to every day. Her empathy is what makes her stand out among the rest. She cares deeply for those around her and has the courage to stand up for what is right. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help her teacher and peers no matter what. She tries her best in everything she does and is willing to learn from her mistakes. Holy Family is lucky to have O.V.



It is with great pleasure that we recognize A.F. as the student of the month. Quit is not a word that Miss A.F. knows. No matter how hard the task she will work at it and persevere. She is thoughtful, kind, and hardworking. Her smile will immediately brighten any room she enters. She is a hard worker,  inside and outside the classroom. Her positive attitude and work ethic set a wonderful example for her classmates. It is with great pleasure that we honor A.F., as the intermediate Student of the Month.


The middle school student of the month is one of the most genuine people you can meet. They are cheerful, considerate, respectful, and dependable. They are a good friend to others and a conscientious student in the classroom. This middle school student strives to be their best and gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning and how to apply it to their life. This is seen in the way they include those around them. The middle school student is patient and understanding, goes out of their way to help others and offers every personality a fair shot. This middle school student holds themselves to a higher standard by the faith they live, in their academics, and in extracurricular activities. When challenged, they dedicate time to asking questions and practicing until they are at their best.

Educators of the Month

Volleyball coaches Buller and Benner


Coach Benner (7th grade)

Coach Benner influenced and impacted his student athletes well beyond the game of volleyball. We often measure a team’s success in terms of wins/losses, but the immeasurable impact of life lessons on student athletes is so much more important. Coach Benner’s leadership, calm disposition, and fire for competition will impact his team far into the future. He demonstrated hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and how to conduct oneself even during times of adversity. Coach Benner thank you for mentoring the 7h grade girls volleyball team.



Coach Buller (8th grade)

Coach  Buller has helped me get better with my form. And she has helped me forget about the mistakes I made earlier in the game and just restart.


Coach helped me learn how to play and she was always happy to help out the team.


Coach has helped me with my hitting and passing! She has helped me grow as a player! I'm so glad she is our coach.


Coach has definitely helped me so much during the season. This was my first year and she was so supportive and helped me grow as a player and a teammate.


Coach has helped me so much with my passing and hitting. She helped me grow so much as a player, and I'm so glad we had her as a coach!


Coach has helped me when I didn't know what to do. She helped me with my jump serve and helped me grow to continue my volleyball journey.


Coach helped me improve every aspect of volleyball and she is always there for me, she is such a great role model and I can always be myself around her. She was so kind and caring and was one of my favorite coaches.


Coach has helped pushed me to be a better player! She understands that messing up is normal and she's an amazing coach and an amazing person!


Coach means so much to me, she was one of my only coaches that I knew I could make mistakes and she would give me advice that I will always remember.


Coach has helped me so much with my serves and she always was there for us!


Coach has helped me with my serves and hits and I love how she's always so supportive of everyone!


 I appreciate how Coach was always helping me get better and giving me constructive criticism.


I am so thankful for coach b and how she is there for us no matter what. She understands that messing up is normal, and has taught us to be great teammates to each other!



It is our honor to choose L.A. as Primary’s September Student of the Month. L.A.'s “let’s go” attitude is contagious and makes everyone around him excited for learning as well. He is a joy to be around every day, so positive, helpful to all his classmates and teachers and a true friend. He is fair with his choices, selfless in his actions, and kind to his peers. L.A. is eager to complete his work, keep an organized area, and participate in class (especially in Math). We appreciate L.A.'s zest for life and think he sets a wonderful example here at Holy Family!! Congrats L.A.!


Our intermediate student of the month is always wearing a soft smile and a bow in her hair. She is quiet and sweet, but also witty and hilarious. She is always trying to find the good in the people around her. She is understanding, kind, and full of grace. Her talents are vast and her humility is ever present! Thanks for being such a bright part of our lives M.H.





G.B. exhibits numerous qualities that make him our choice for Student of the Month.  These include courtesy, curiosity, honesty, kindness, politeness, and hard work.  He shows these qualities through his relationships with his classmates, teachers, and everyone he encounters with a smile and a friendly hello. When a teacher wants students to clean desks or put up chairs, G.B. takes the lead with no questions asked.  His calm leadership style is respected by his peers and teachers.  He tries his best in all aspects of his life with gusto, especially swimming and frogs.  His uncanny passion for frogs cannot be matched.  When he finds something he likes he goes all out and learns as much as possible about it.

He is a great role model for his peers and for the younger students to look up to.  The middle school faculty is proud to name G.B. as the middle school Student of the Month.