Principal's Corner

We are proud of them and wish them the best as they move on to high school.

I leave them with the following advice:


  • Show thanks to the people who have made Catholic education possible for you.
  • Parents, guardians, grandparents, benefactors.

You are important

  • God has a plan for each of you.
  • You are unique and special.
  • Your life has value and God loves you even in the darkest moments. None of you were created by accident.


  • When you fail or make mistakes, get up and get over it.
  • Be forgiving of yourself and others.
  • DO NOT DWELL ON YOUR MISTAKES! Keep moving forward with courage and empathy.
  • Do not allow your mistakes or shortcomings to paralyze you or your future efforts.


  • Each day is a gift from God and worthy of your best effort.
  • Make sure you define who you are and where you are going – if you don’t, someone will.

Quiet the Noise

  • Social Media.
  • Music.
  • Gossip.


  • Our strength is in our differences – not our similarities.
  • Diversity adds depth and color to our world.

Be a Positive Person


God bless,

Mr. Aubert